Software Information

1. Use of nDx 1 Software is only available to partners who are registered separately in Novomics.

2. You must pass the certification procedure on the next screen before you can use the software.

3. Click the "Certification" button to install it automatically on your connection PC.

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Advisory Board

  • Prof. Sung Hoon Noh

    • Outstanding surgeon with the world largest number of gastrectomy for gastric cancer (over 10,000 cases)
    • Distinguished Professor, Gangnam Severance Hospital
    • Ex-president of the Yonsei Cancer Center
    • Ex-president of International Gastric Cancer
  • Prof. Jae-Ho Cheong

    • Vice Dean, Research Affairs of College of Medicine, Yonsei Univ.
    • Translational Researcher of Gastric Cancer Clinic
    • 3 Publications in Bric Hanbitsa in 2018
    • President’s Commendation (2019)

  • Prof. Soonmyung Paik

    • World renowned pathologist
    • Developed Oncotype Dx (Genomic Health, USA)
    • NSABP ex-Chairman
    • Publications on NEJM, etc.