Software Information

1. Use of nDx 1 Software is only available to partners who are registered separately in Novomics.

2. You must pass the certification procedure on the next screen before you can use the software.

3. Click the "Certification" button to install it automatically on your connection PC.

S/W InstallPlease enter your
partner number and certification number
Partner No. Certification No.

* Contact us : +82-2-2068-3700



Employee’s Values

    Talents who build their expertise and experience with professionalism
    Talents who collaborate their abilities in various field
    Talents who communicates well with diverse groups of people

Career Information

Novomics is looking for new talents to grow together continuously for new treatment paradigm. Please see the announcements for public recruitment and year-round recruitment.

  • Public Recruitment Novomics recruits talents over a specific time of the year. Please find the detailed information via announcements.

  • Year-round Recruitment Novomics recruits talents year-round. Please find your interest area and submit Job Application.

  • Requirements Bachelors Degree is essential

    Prefer specialist experience

    Ability to travel without grounds for disqualification

    Completed or are exempted from military service

  • How to Apply Please fill and submit the job application to Novomics will contact you after application screening and review.

    ① Resume (No specific format)
    ② Personal Statement
         (No specific format)
    ③ Personal Information
         Collection and Usage

Employment Process

Application Submission (Application screening and review)