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Mission Statement

Novomics pursues to become the best in the area of genetic molecular diagnostics. To fulfill our vision, “For better life”, we continuously accumulate clinical experiences through identifying the target genes in cooperation with researchers, clinical physicians, and pharmaceutical companies.
Novomics enhances the level of understanding in the cancer gene analysis for the actualization of precision medicine and we will lead a molecular diagnosis and treatment techniques for "Standard Care of Cancer Patients".

Core Values

Clinical Performance Novomics had developed First in Clinical molecular diagnostic assay of gastric cancer for predicting post-operative prognosis.

Made by Best Expertise Novomics pursued development with the technical consultation of clinical physician who conducted the largest number of gastrectomy cases in the world and the world renowned pathologist who developed Oncotype DX, the one of the most successful molecular diagnostic assay in the USA.

High Reliability : Analytical Performance Novomics pursued development using higher-level of reliability and verified throughout the world analytical techniques such as NMF (Non-negative Matrix Factorization) and WGCNA (Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis).
In addition, Novomics has developed an image patterning AI system which enables automated quantitative analysis of tissue based clinical pathology.

Future Challenge: Precision Medicine Novomics initiates and conducts new clinical trials aiming to present the most appropriate treatment for each patient with the era of precision medicine emerged along the 4th Industrial Revolution.