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1. Use of nDx 1 Software is only available to partners who are registered separately in Novomics.

2. You must pass the certification procedure on the next screen before you can use the software.

3. Click the "Certification" button to install it automatically on your connection PC.

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Who is Novomics

  • Network

    Novomics embraces the more advanced clinical and academic performance in molecular biology.
    Also, Novomics establishes a close collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals since they play key roles in medicine industry. Accordingly, we are striving to become a company that fulfills the social responsibilities.

  • Educational Management

    Competencies of our employees are also an important factor in determining product quality. Novomics keens for communication with all employees for understanding company's vision and value as our products are closely linked to the lives of the cancer patients. We actualize the educational management that enhance individual's expertise and their potential with providing various educations.

  • High-Quality

    Novomics has established quality management system with domestic GMP certification and ISO13485 which is an international standard in order to provide high-quality products and services with our accumulated advanced knowledge. We strive to build and maintain trust with clients not only through the acquisition of such certifications but also infrastructure developments for genetic diagnosis services.

  • Knowledge Enterprise

    Novomics is leading the development of diagnosis system for the linkage of cancer and treatment on the basis of our specialized technology and knowledge in molecular diagnostics. The greatest asset of Novomics is the advanced knowledge from our specialized experts and clinical networks and technology with precision medicine.

  • For Better Life

    Novomics is under commercialization process of nProfiler® series including nProfiler® 1; molecular diagnostic assay for post-operative prognosis in gastric cancer, to actualize the vision “For Better Life”. Novomics puts all the investments and efforts in R&D and Approval process using accumulated knowledge from medical industry for cancer patients. Throughout all the process, Novomics enhances our own value and we promise to put our utmost efforts with internal and external supports to get an ordinary everyday life to cancer patients.