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nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay is a molecular diagnostic test using genomic information through biological characteristics analysis and is designed for stage II-III gastric cancer patients. Additional clinical trials are designed and conducted for expanding its indications for gastric cancer patients with stage I and stage IV.

Chemotherapy Response Prediction on Stage I Gastric Cancer Patients

With the implementation of the National Cancer Screening Program (NCSP), the rate of early detection and the volume of surgery at early stage have been increased in gastric cancer. Early gastric cancer (EGC) has much more favorable prognosis than advanced gastric cancer (AGC), with 5-year survival rates of over 90%, thus, a complete cure for EGC can be expected. However, previous studies have reported that some EGC patients experienced recurrence and they might have a poor prognosis with multiple metastases. The recurrence rates were significantly high in patients with lymph node metastasis (7.2%~10.7%) than in those without lymph node metastasis (0.6%~1.1%).

Table 1.
Recurrence rate of early gastric cancer according to 6th stage TNM in
Seoul National University Hospital (n=1,447)

NO N1 N2 Total
T1a 2/700
T1b 5/555
Total 7/1255

5-year overall survival rate of Gastric cancer
(T2N0 vs. T1N1)

5-year overall survival rate of T1N1 Gastric cancer
(Chemotherapy group vs. Surgery only group)

Currently, there is no established standard treatment for gastric cancer stage I with lymph node metastasis, therefore, physician has the dominant role in treatment decision. For stage I gastric cancer patients with lymph node metastasis (pT1N1), chemotherapy would be recommended following the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline as they have a poor prognosis compared to those with pT2N0 (Source: J Natl Compr Cancer Netw. 2016;14:1286-1312). On the contrary, Japanese Gastric Cancer Guidelines reported that pT1N1 patients do not benefit from chemotherapy (Source: Japanese gastric cancer treatment guidelines 2014). Also, a research from Korea have reported that adjuvant chemotherapy showed no beneficial effect on recurrence in pT1N1 gastric cancer patients (n=510).

A validation trial scheduled to identify high risk patients among stage I (node positive) who benefit from chemotherapy.

Novomics has designed and conducted clinical trials using nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay to evaluate the prediction of prognosis and chemotherapy response in early gastric cancer patients.
In early gastric cancer, lymph node metastasis is a factor that effects on prognosis significantly but not on chemotherapy response, therefore, the use in clinical practice is limited. We expect that the ability of nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay to predict prognosis and chemotherapy response will guide to a better and effective treatment recommendation for pT1N1 gastric cancer patients such as standard treatment for patients who assigned into chemotherapy benefit group or other treatments for those who assigned into Low risk and no-benefit group.