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the Result

Prognosis Classification and 5-year Overall Survival

The prognosis result with the classification of risk parameters (Low risk, Intermediate risk, and High risk) can be used as supplementary information to identify a treatment method in gastric cancer by clinicians.

1 Information of patient, physician, hospital and specimen
2 Prognosis Classification
3 Interpretation of risk parameter’s 5-year overall survival within the 95% confidence interval
4 5-year overall survival was 81.98% (95% CI 74.12 ~ 90.67%) in low risk, 66.18% (95% CI 60.58 ~ 72.30%) in intermediate risk, and 55.74% (95% CI 50.52 ~ 61.49%) in high risk.
5 Assay Description
This section provides prognostic classification of the nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay, including the results of analytical performance and clinical performance, and risk parameters by algorithm. nProfiler® 1 measures gene-expression levels in FFPE tumor cancer tissue samples and then classify the post-operative prognosis using algorithm. The assay analysis results in patient stratification according to the assigned risk parameters (Low risk, Intermediate risk, and High risk) to identify a patient’s survival likelihood for the next 5 years. Clinically, the assay provides clinicians with auxiliary information distinct from the standard risk-stratification methods, which might be useful when making decisions about adjuvant therapy.

1 Visual Representation of Quantitative Single Gene Value
This section delivers quantitative single gene values of four classifier genes (GZMB, WARS, SFRP4, and CDX1) for a patient sample with threshold value on the bar graph, indicating binary position and figures.
2 Four Classifier Gene Information about Biological Characteristics
This section provides four-gene information related to relevant gastric cancer features (GZMB, WARS, SFRP4, and CDX1).