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Big Data Analysis and Novomics

Knowledge-based information and services are actively created and implemented based on big-data mining as the data-modeling and patterning technologies get advanced with the 4th industrial revolution.

The key factor in the field of molecular diagnostics is the development of algorithms with bio big-data analysis. nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay has been developed with various highly reliable patterning analysis methods based on cancer genetic data.

In R&D process, machine learning and representation learning were applied such as NMF (Non-negative Matrix Factorization), WGCNA (Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis), GSA (Gene Set Analysis), GOEA (Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis), and Hierarchical Clustering to identify distinct features of gastric cancer and target genes for prognosis and prediction after gastrectomy.

Non-negative Matric Factorization (NMF)

Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis (WGCNA)

Bioinformatics-based analyses were performed such as connectivity analysis between conserved modules, correlation analysis between gastric cancer (GC) features and GC subtypes, probe stability test with different measurement platforms and samples, and heterogeneity test. Through this research, nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay was developed to provide prognosis and chemotherapy response information for stage II-III gastric cancer patients.