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Novomics thinking

Novomics Co., Ltd. is a knowledge corporation.

Novomics Co., Ltd. is leading the development of cancer treatment linkage type diagnosis system on the basis of the specialized technology and knowledge in the area of molecular diagnosis. Advancement of knowledge in which the network of specialists and clinical practices that our company hold and the advancement of technology achieved in the era of precision medicine have been combined is the main asset of Novomics Co., Ltd.

Novomics Co., Ltd. is striving towards achievement of high quality.

Novomics Co., Ltd. has established quality management system for which domestic GMP certification, certification by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and ISO13485 certification, which is an international standard, have been acquired in order to provide our accumulated knowledge through high quality products and services, and has been exhaustively complying with such system. We are striving to further strengthen the trust of our clients not only through the acquisition of such certifications but also through fully equipping ourselves with the infrastructure for the provision of genetic diagnosis services.

Novomics Co., Ltd. is achieving growth through educational management.

Competencies of our staffs are also important factor that determine the quality. Moreover, as our products are closely related to the lives of the cancer patients, Novomics Co., Ltd. is putting in efforts to fortify the sense of duty of our staffs by ceaselessly communicating in order for them to sympathize with the direction and values of our company. Moreover, we are realizing “educational management” in the direction of establishing educational environment by offering opportunities for education to the staffs in order for them to enhance their individual specialization and to fully exhibit their potentials on the basis of the aforementioned sense of duty.

Influence of Novomics Co., Ltd. is expanded through networking.

Novomics Co., Ltd., in addition to the accommodation of the performances in the academic areas of the most advanced clinical and molecular biology, is aiming to lead the industrialization of new knowledge through the establishment of close collaborative relationship with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals that are playing key roles in the medical industry. Accordingly, we are striving to become an open company that fulfills the social responsibilities.

"For better life"

Novomics Co., Ltd., in order to realize our vision of "For better life" is currently undergoing the process of commercialization of the nProfiler series products / services including nProfiler 1, which is a diagnostic system for the prediction of prognosis of stomach cancer. Accordingly, we have been making investment and putting in efforts in a wide range of areas including process research and approval of licensing in order for the knowledge accumulated at the site of researches to be utilized usefully for cancer patients in the venues of medical treatments. We will strive to enhance the value of Novomics Co., Ltd. through such efforts and, moreover, pledge to put our utmost efforts by infusing all of our internal and external resources unsparingly in order to improve the lives of even larger number of cancer patients throughout the world.

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