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Diagnosis Process

1. If the patient visits the hospital for the treatment of stage 2 or 3 stomach cancer, the hospital executes radical surgery of stomach cancer for the patient.

2. Following the surgery, the excised stomach cancer tissue is sampled as routine specimen in the FFPE format by the pathology department.

3. FFPE sample is delivered to the Novomics test room with the consent of the patient for nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay.

4. Novomics will check the cancer tissue with the FFPE sample delivered and generate the qPCR data for the gene expression by extracting mRNA.

5. After the genetic analysis of the genetic information data generated with nDx 1, which is a software program, check the prediction of prognosis report produced as the result.

6. The medical staff decides on the guidelines for the treatment of the patients by referring to the results of the test for the prediction of prognosis of the patient and explains them to the patient.

* Decision to use this product and request for diagnosis are only possible by the medical staffs. For issues related with the use of this product, please inquire with the resident doctor in charge.
You can make further inquiries on this product through or 02-2068-3700.

Software Information

- Use of nDx 1 Software is only available to partners who are registered separately in Novomics.

- You must pass the certification procedure on the next screen before you can use the software.

- Click the "Certification" button to install it automatically on your connection PC.
   If you do not want to install, click the "Close Screen" button.

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