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Product Description

nProfiler® 1
Stomach Cancer Assay;The First molecular IVD assay kit in the world

Stomach cancer is the 4th most frequently occurring cancer in the world, with mortality attributable to stomach cancer accounting for the second highest rate after lung cancer. Unlike breast cancer and colon cancer, molecular diagnosis product that enables post-operative (D2 dissection) prediction of prognosis for stomach cancer have not been developed until now.

Our company is the first in the world to develop the molecular diagnostic kit capable of predicting the prognosis after the stomach cancer surgery and is currently undergoing the process of approval and licensing for commercialization.

nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay is a molecular diagnostic kit that can predict the prognosis through the software (nDx 1, Novomics diagnostic system I) with a built-in algorithm that we developed by quantifying the expression of 9 genes with the FFPE samples originating from stomach cancer patients as subjects.

No. Title Description
1 Product group Tumor related gene test reagent (D06020.01)
2 Product name nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay
3 Categorization No. (rating) Class 3
4 Reference details Subject disease is the progressive stomach cancer (2~3 stages on the basis of 6th edition of AJCC
5 Purpose of use Categorize the prognosis of the patient into 3 clusters, namely, Good, Intermediate and Bad by measuring the expression of 9 genes with RT, qPCR methods and by using algorithm in the FFPE tissue samples
6 Packing unit Kit A, Kit B 1 set / Specimens of 15 persons
7 Storage method Kit A : -20℃ , Kit B : -70℃
8 Useful shelf-life 6 months from the date of manufacturing
9 S/W program nDx 1 software
Software Information

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