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First In Class : nProfiler® 1 is a diagnosis system for predicting the prognosis after stomach cancer surgery

Although the survival rate of stomach cancer patients in general is 73.1 %, they display different 5-year survival rates in accordance with their clinical stages. The survival rates of the 2nd and 3rd stage stomach cancer patients are generally known to be 75% and 49%, respectively. Until now, the prediction of the prognosis following the surgery of stomach cancer patients is relying on the anatomical clinical stage system.

nProfiler® 1 adopted an anatomical clinical stages system of the patient along with the diagnostic algorithm that can classify the prognosis in accordance with the molecular subtypes, and, by making reference to this, it can be utilized as auxiliary data for decision making for future treatment guideline by the clinical medical staffs.

That is, the subtype is categorized by measuring the gene expression with the routine specimen of the patients after the surgery (FFPE sample) and the basis for predicting the 5-year survival rate in accordance with this subtype can also be presented.

Prognostic Axis

Effect on the prognosis was additionally tested in the CLASSIC validation trial, which is a researcher clinic, by using this product.Details

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