IVD-Companion Dx

IVD-Companion Dx

Accompanied diagnosis refers to the test for the predicting of the responsiveness of the patients towards drugs and presents the standards for the selection of the treatment most appropriate for the patients.

In the area of cancer diagnosis, accompanied diagnosis is equipped with the most significant connecting link mostly with the target treatment agent. It is possible to reduce unnecessary anti-cancer treatment and improve treatment efficiency by presenting target treatment agent appropriate for the genetic mutation of patient diagnosed through accompanied diagnosis.

Novomics is preparing accompanied diagnosis products on the basis of the knowledge base accumulated through the experience of developing the diagnostic kit for stomach cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. We are planning to develop accompanied diagnosis product that can present appropriate target treatment agent for the genetic mutation of the recurrent cancer patient group for whom the existing anti-cancer agent is not effective through multiple gene-based prospective clinical test linked with university hospitals and large pharmaceutical companies.

IVD-Companion Dx of Novomics will offer hopes to the cancer patients for whom the existing anti-cancer agents failed to achieve the desired effects by presenting the direction for the development of new target treatment agent for cancer.

Plan for prospective clinical test for B2B project for stomach cancer

We are planning to execute Korea-China Collaborative Prospective Trial for the development of accompanied diagnosis product for the groups that display response to and groups that display no response to anti-cancer agents as well as the prognosis groups diagnosed with nProfiler I Stomach Cancer Assay.

1) Prospective clinical test on the effect of target treatment agent on the group that display no response to anti-cancer agent
2) Prospective clinical test for accompanied diagnosis of multiple genetic mutations on the overall recurrent patient group

Through the 2 types of the Korea-China Collaborative Prospective Trials, it is anticipated that we would be able to present more effective treatment direction for the stomach cancer patients.

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