Lung Cancer Companion Dx

Background of development

Blood sample diagnosis method on the basis of the latest cfDNA extraction technology

Lung Cancer Companion Dx, which is an accompanying diagnostic kit of lung cancer, tests the gene mutation by extracting cfDNA from the blood samples of the lung cancer patients and presents target treatment agent appropriate for the gene mutation detected in the patients.

Existing diagnostic kits used for the cancer tissues of the lung cancer patients induce side effects such as pneumothoracic hemorrhage at the time of the collection of the tissues and continuous monitoring of the process of progression of the lung cancer in the patient was not possible due to the difficulties in collection of the tissues.

Novomics developed diagnostic kit for lung cancer by using blood for which collection of sample is easy to minimize the side effects in lung cancer patients. Our product confirms the state of genetic mutation of the lung cancer patients through continuous monitoring to present target treatment agent appropriate for the progress of the cancer.

Simultaneous multiple genetic analysis system on the basis of NGS System

Lung Cancer Companion Dx is a diagnostic test that enables discernment of the genetic mutation of the representative genes of lung cancer including K-RAS, EGFR and EML4-ALK simultaneously through a single diagnosis on the basis of the NGS System.

While the existing diagnostic kits execute tests by using PCR technique mostly, this PCR technique is not able to execute diagnosis of numerous genetic mutations simultaneously.

Since tests are executed for each of the genes individually, the time consumed for the test becomes prolonged and the medical staff is not able to provide treatment guidelines to the patients quickly and the patients also have to wait for the results of diagnosis over a longer period of time.

Lung Cancer Companion Dx of Novomics is being developed to enable obtaining of the results of the test on multiple genetic mutations from the blood sample collected in short period time.

Lung cancer related genes of the patients are tested simultaneously on the basis of the NGS System and the results of the test provided. Accordingly, the medical staffs are able to provide guidelines on the target treatment agent appropriate for the patient in short period of time.

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