4th Industrial Revolution & Novomics

What is 4th Industrial Revolution?

The “4th Industrial Revolution” was first mentioned as a key agenda at the “World Economic Forum” held in Dabos, Swiss on January 20, 2016. Accordingly, the World Economic Forum defined the 4th Industrial Revolution as the “technological revolution that connects digital technology with bio-technology and physics on the basis of the 3rd Industrial Revolution” and distinguished it from the previous Industrial Revolutions.

Unlike the previous Industrial Revolutions, the 4th Industrial Revolution new creation is being achieved by breaking down the boundaries and pursuing convergence amongst various industrial areas including information communication technology, manufacturing and bio industries on the basis of Cyber-Physics System. Autonomous navigation automobiles or 3D printing, etc. can be deemed the convergence of the new paradigms and new technologies were born through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In particular, analysis of the genetic information of individuals has become easier through the development of sensing technology and data measurement technology that the 4th Industrial Revolution brought about in the area of health and medical science. This enabled the opening up of the era of Precision Medicine centered on the customized medical services for individuals. Learn more

In addition, with the advancement of the Modeling and Patterning technologies along with the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, provision of information and realization of services in knowledge-based format on the basis of the Big-data mining became possible by transcending the domain of the existing data-based services that only utilized the simple input and output functions. Learn more

4th Industrial Revolution and Novomics

Novomics has been achieving growth that is commensurate with the enormous trend brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution and era of precision medicine from the perspectives that integrated medical business of provision of services (cyber) and manufacturing of Kit (physics) through S/W technology was realized, and that cancer treatment linked type prediction and customized diagnosis system has been established through the technology for the measurement of genome, bio-information-based big data analysis and algorithm design capabilities.

Novomics, on the basis of aforementioned foundations, is making preparations for the future that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring by proposing the improvement of general treatment practices and new diagnosis/monitoring paradigm by drawing out the improvement of the corporate flexibility, innovation of quality management and creation of medical knowledge and added value through the development and investment in next-generation convergence technology, cultivation and education of specialized manpower, and fortification of the human network-centered linkage.

Through such efforts, we are striving to have the unique values of Novomics to be known widely throughout the world and lead the diagnostic medicine market by establishing ourselves as a medical knowledge-based company that realizes the better quality of life of the cancer patients.

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