Software Information

1. Use of nDx 1 Software is only available to partners who are registered separately in Novomics.

2. You must pass the certification procedure on the next screen before you can use the software.

3. Click the "Certification" button to install it automatically on your connection PC.

S/W InstallPlease enter your
partner number and certification number
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* Contact us : +82-2-2068-3700

Liên hệ

Liên hệ

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304, 305, 306, 306-1, 802, Keumkang Penterium IT Tower, 171, Dangsan-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07217)

TEL. 02-2068-3700    FAX. 02-2633-6801

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Bằng tàu ngầm

Line 9 hoặc line 5 Trạm Yeongdengpo-gu, cửa ra 3 (5 phút đi bộ)
Line 2 hoặc Line 9 Trạm Dangsan, cửa ra 11 (10 phút đi bộ)

Bằng xe bus

Xuống tại bến Căn hộ Dangsan Yuwonjeil 1-cha
   70-9, 5620, 6631, 6637, Yeongdeungpo 12

Xuống tại bến Trường tiểu học Dangseo
   Yeongdeungpo 03, Yeongdeungpo 05